Osaka Samurai Sword, Shrine and Temple Tour

(Osaka Prefecture)

  • 11:00am ~ 6:00pm
  • All-Inclusive Tour
Allow Nine (7) hours for this tour

First, I will meet you at the lobby of the Hilton Hotel Osaka at 11:00pm and we will head to Ikutama Shrine, claimed by some to be the oldest Shrine in Osaka. I will teach you how to enter a Shrine in the correct manner and how to make an offering. After a short history lesson, we will talk through a few Shrines with beautiful Japanese-style tile roofs, surrounded by ‘Love Hotels’, (LOL), and we will walk to Shitennoji Temple, which claims to be the oldest Buddhist Temple in Osaka.

We will visit three buildings here and offer prayers and then stop at a cemetery as we make our way to the train station. We take two quick transfers (about a 15-minute ride in all) to our next stop, Imamiya Ebisu Shrine. Here, you can pray for the success of your business, take pictures and make offerings.

Then it will be time to have a light snack and we do that with Osaka Kushikatsu.

We then head to our Samurai Sword Training Course. Upon arrival, you will get dressed in traditional Samurai Attire and we head to the dojo where you will be taught how to hold a sword and how to swing such a weapon.

We then send you into meditation for five minutes and then we go downstairs where you will have access to an authentic Samurai Sword. You will get to thrash and hopefully cut throw a rolled up straw opponent. You will be filmed the entire time and this recording will be made available to you the next day.

Once we are done, we will head out for a Sake Tasting nearby and talk about how you did. LOL


  • Interpretive Guide & Translation for 5 hours
  • 3 Shrines and 2 Temples
  • Kushikatsu snack
  • Train ticket fees the time you are on tour with me
  • Temple Fees associated with entering the Temple
  • Samurai Sword Training Class Fee
  • Appetizers and Sake Tasting at the end of the tour

You will leave this tour with a more in-depth knowledge of not only the difference between Shrines and Temples but also the history of the sites we visit and the history of the area. You will learn a few fun facts about Japan on the way and get to sample Japanese sake and food. You will also become a Master Samurai Warrior.

¥20,000 per person
2 persons minimum
6 persons maximum

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