Nara and the Secret Shrine of Omiwa

(Nara Prefecture 2 Locations)

  • 8:00am ~ 7:00pm
  • Full Day Tour
Allow Ten and one half (10.5) hours for this tour

We will meet at Namba Station.

We will head to Sakurai Station where we will catch a cab to the ‘Secret of Nara’. There were three regalia (treasures) handed down from the Sun Goddess Amaterasu to her son, his son, then his son and then to his son, the first Emperor of Japan (660BC).

We will go where this all started.

I will take you to three specific Shrines that began the history of Japan.

After, we will have a ‘Swimming Somen Noodle Lunch’ and a Nara Sake Tasting, then head to Nara city, home of the oldest wooden building in the world and the-once-powerful base of political activities at one time when the clergy almost ruled over the Emperor. Todaiji Temple. (Big story to tell here).

We have to fight through sacred deer and we will head back to Namba.

8:00amMeet @ Namba Station
8:15amDepart for Sakurai (9:18am)
9:20amArrive Sakurai
9:30amTaxi to Omiwa area
9:40amGet offerings and head to 1st Shrine
10:00amArrive 1st Shrine (Omiwa)
10:20amArrive 2nd Shrine
10:45amArrive 3rd Shrine
11:00pmDepart for return to Swimming Somen Restaurant for Lunch
11:30pmArrive for Lunch
12:15pmDepart for Sake tasting
1:15pmFinish Sake Tasting
1:45pmArrive 4th Shrine and take Taxi to Station
2:36pmTrain to Nara (JR)
3:07pmArrive Nara / Taxi to Todaiji Temple
3:20pmArrive Temple, walk grounds
5:00pmDepart Temple area for Station
5:39pmTrain to Namba (Kin)
6:19pmArrive Namba


  • Translation & Interpretive Guide for 10 hours
  • Four Shrines and One Temple with


  • Train ticket to Namba Station and back
  • Premium Nara sake and appetizers and Somen Lunch
  • Transportation between Namba and Sakurai, Taxi Fees and then Sakurai to Nara then Nara to Namba
  • Entrance Fees to Temple at Nara

Expect to pay approx. ¥9,500 per person for yourself for Lunch, Sake Tasting, Snack Food, Transportation and Temple Fees. Your GROUP will share the costs for the GUIDE.

¥30,000 Guide Fee (Up to six persons)

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