Koyasan Temple Stay

(Wakayama Prefecture)

  • 12:45pm ~ 7:00pm Next Day
  • Two Day Tour

I will pick you up by micro bus from Osaka Station around 12:45pm on the designated day and will take you to Koyasan in Wakayama Prefecture. Along the way, I will explain to you the history of the areas we will be driving through. I will also explain about Koyasan and teach you about Japanese culture and tradition along the way. The drive is approximately two hours.

3:00pm Once reaching the Temple, guests will be checked in and shown the amenities in their rooms. A tour of the Temple grounds will be given so that clients will learn their way around the Temple.

5:30pm A vegetarian dinner for about one hour, then we will prepare for our night time cemetery tour for about an hour and a half.

6:00am Meditation time will begin the next morning followed by an outside Fire Ceremony and then a vegetarian breakfast.

9:00am We will then tour the main temple grounds (Kongoubuji Temple). The tour of the huge cemetery and grounds and all of its buildings will last about three hours. Here clients will learn the history of the area, customs and traditions that are conducted here.

12:00pm Clients will be released for a few hours to visit the town and shop, eat lunch where they like and enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful place. We will then depart the temple around 4:00pm. We should arrive back at Osaka Station around 7:00pm.


  • Translation & Interpretive Guide for 2 days
  • Overnight stay in Temple
  • Vegetarian Breakfast and Dinner
  • Meditation and Fire Ceremony Time
  • Night Cemetery Tour
  • Transportation to and from Osaka to Wakayama


  • Lunch

¥53,000 per person (tax included)

All stayover bookings will be made by our sister company K. K. Sun Victory
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