Ise Jingu Day Trip

(Mie Prefecture)

  • 9:00am ~ 3:00pm
Allow six (6) hours for this tour

I will provide you the information on how to get to Ise Shi Station in Mie Prefecture. We need to meet there at 9:00am.

9:00am We will then pack up and head to Ise Jingu. Ise Jingu is the most sacred and largest Shrine in Japan. It is split into two (02) parts so we will spend about an hour and a half at the first spot and give you the information on the God that resides there; this place is called GEKU (Geku - Approx. one and one half hour walk)

10:30am Then head to the second part of the Shrine and give you the information on the Goddess that resides there; this place is called NAIKU (Naiku - Approx. one and one half hour walk). Here I will also explain all of the gods that live at the Shrine, stories and history as we walk around both Shrines.

12:00pm After the second stop (Naiku) I will also take you to an amazing street in front of the Shrine filled with vendors, souvenirs and best of all food!!! I will feed you and introduce you to special treats from these amazing vendors that line the road. You can have fishcake, a tasty steamed pie with a meat filling and we will stop at a local craft beer spot and have some beer and local-caught, fried oysters. Lastly, we will also stop at a local Japanese Sake Bar and partake in Japan’s National Alcoholic Beverage!

2:00pm Done. We will then head back to the Train Station by car. You should be back to the station around 2:30pm but if you are making train reservation, I would make then closer to 3:00pm or even 3:30pm in case we get caught up somewhere.


  • Visit the most famous, Shrines in Japan (4 hours)
  • Partake in delicious food that I will introduce you to, and explore the town of Oharaemachi (2 hours)
  • Interpretive Guide & Translation
  • 2 Shrine Tour: Geku and Naiku Shrines (+ smaller shrines as we make our way around each spot)


  • Train ticket to and from Ise-Shi Station
  • Transportation by taxi between all spots (no train or bus riding/takes too much time from the tour)
  • Lunch, beer and sake tasting for guests and guide.

¥30,000 Guide Fee (Up to six persons)
All stayover bookings will be made by our sister company K. K. Sun Victory

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